Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Monday, January 1, 2007

A bath never was so good

I was covered in mud, I was filthy, I was stinky, and I was agitated. When I arrived at the temple, I had two things in my head, The first was clean clothes, which was followed by the second which was a bath.I had tried to take a bath before.But this time was going to be different. Once I entered the bathroom, I looked around. There was no-one. I locked the door. I ran the tub and I poured a lot of bubblebath into it. Bubbles filled the tub, and I knew that before I got into the bath I had to rinse the mud off.I went into the shower stall and I rinsed the mud off. I opened the door wrapped myself in a towel, and I saw Kriss. She had a bath robe on, and was ready to get into my tub. I didn’t say anything. I simply pointed.She looked at me. Sighed heavily, and walked out of the bathroom. I locked the door after she left. I took the towel off and I leapt into the tub before someone had a chance to interrupt. I laid down, and my lekkus were strung about top of the tub. The warmth of the water filled my aching body, and I released a sigh of relaxation.I saw the lock move, and I force pushed it back into place, and then it moved again. It swung open and then Obi-Wan walked in. He stared blankly at me. “Obi-Wan, I’m very naked.”He fainted. I laughed. I closed the door and locked it. He would wake up eventually. The door swung open and it hit Obi-Wan in the head. Phobia entered and stared at Obi-Wan, and then looked to me.“What did he do for you to hit him in the head for?”I smiled, “He broke into the bathroom while I was taking a bath.”She looked wide eyed, “So…” she said softly, “I broke in too.”I nodded. She took several steps backwards.I yelled, “STAY OUT!”I force pushed the door closed, and I locked it. My breathing was eratic and heated. Obi-Wan rose up, and then he looked at me.“I’m still naked.”He fainted again. The door slid open and Padawan Belda entered. She looked at me, and then looked at Obi-Wan.“Master Erifia,” she said softly, “Master Adana changed it from cartoons to something boring.”“What did she change it to?”“Some old movie, Gone with the Wind or something.”“Sounds dreadful. Look, to get what you want, ask her if you can watch something you can both agree on.”“I don’t understand.”“Do you like Cartoons?”She nodded, “Uh-huh!”“Watch the cartoon version of the movie.”“Okay!” She said excitedly as she ran out of the bathroom. I tried to close the door, but it didn’t close all the way and Aayla Secura walked in.We stared at each other, and then I used the force to throw the toilet brush at her. It struck her in the face and she screeched and ran out of the room. I slammed the door shut, and then I heard a knock.“Who is in there?” Barriss asked.“Me Barriss…”“Oh… Hey… Uhm, I hate to do this to you, but Belda and Adana couldn’t find a cartoon version of Gone with the Wind, and as they were looking for it, Anakin took the control, and turned on wrestling.”“Tell Anakin I am naked, and the door is unlocked.”“What?” She asked, “Double what?!”“Just do it.”I got out of my soak, and I put a towel around me, and I got dressed. I grabbed Obi-Wan, and tossed him into the tub, and used the force to strip him of his clothes, I laid them neatly on the shower bar. I left the room.I hid in the shower. I peered through the clothes, and Anakin walked in and there was a strong force push, and the bubbles went flying everywhere, and Anakin smiled as he opened his eyes, then let out a scream of horror.He ran out of the room screaming like a little girl. I walked out of the room, and I smiled happily.It was a good bath afterall.If you’ll excuse me, I have to go find an animated version of Gone with the Wind,Wet Hugs and Bubbled Kisses,Erifia Apoc

From a youngling point of view

Hello there... All this week, I have been in search of my teddy bear. Yeah you heard me correctly.... My teddy bear. I call him my guardian. I have had my guardian since I can remember. I used to keep him on the corner of my bed when I wasn't in the room. Guardian was always good at guarding me. Hence is why I call him Guardian. At night when I would go off to sleep he would watch my dreams and keep the bad people out. During the days when I was away from my room he made sure no one had come into my room to mess it up.Since his disappearances I have not been able to sleep. There has been this scary Phantom who visits me. So instead of going off to bed happily, I end up pulling the covers up past my head and shaking under them. I really do miss my guardian! I noticed he was missing about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The night I noticed he was missing, I latterly tore apart my room. I looked under my bed, and in the clothes closet. I know possessions are frowned upon, but by chance Guardian is the one last thing my parents gave me before I ended up here at the Temple. So last night I decided to take my search out side of my room and do some asking around. I asked Kriss first..."Have you seen my teddy bear, Kriss?" I asked, hoping she would know."Not sure, why?" Kriss said."He's missing." I said."Missing? I think I might have seen Ani with it? Did you ask him?" She said."Hhmmm? Master Skywalker? Interesting.... Thanks Kriss. I'll go ask Master Skywalker then." I said. Knowing Master Skywalker was always was up to something I had to approach this very carefully. I didn't want this to get out of hand. So I went on my search for my Guardian. I then went towards Master Skywalker's room. I lightly touched the door and it opened. To my surprise I saw Master Skywalker sitting in the corner in his closet holding my Guardian teddy bear and sucking his thumb! He looked up slightly embarrassed and said "Mine!"I looked at him and said "Give'm back please, Master Skywalker?""Why should I? He's soft and cushy..." He said.I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. Guardian was mine and now I was faced with the fact that I may have to fight him to get it back. "I need him back because without him I cannot sleep! He guards my dreams from the Phantom Evils. Without Guardian there to protect me, I am left defenseless and vonerable" I confessed. I knew I was possibly gonna get a huge lecture on why possessions were forbidden but I didn't care. All I wanted was Guardian back in my care and in my room."The Phantom Evils? Guards your dreams? Huh?" Was all I got out of him. He held my bear tighter."Please, please, give'm back?" I begged.He looked at my bear again and looked sadly at me. I could tell He also enjoyed Guardian as much as I did. Then without warning he handed him back to me. "Ok. Here you go."I was so happy to see that now I had Guardian back in my care once again. I couldn't go another day with out him. I then returned back to my room and made sure Guardian was back in his spot on my bed and left my room.